Monday, August 8, 2011

The Gift of Creativity

After presenting all the gars and lings with a commemorative gift Rinpoche announced he had a gift for every person present. We all lined up to receive a signed card in Rinpoches hand writing saying . "Thank you for your presence here!"

No it's not the annual Dzogchen ball... only the Russian and German dancers lining up..

 The gorgeous Nelida (Argentina) looking on.

My family - Steph and Miro with their gift.

Elly and Asher (my godson) with theirs.

 The final show begins. First a song from Tibet (which my camera missed) and a dance from China (Hung).

The Venezualan dancers hit the floor

Israeli dancers...

The extraordinary Russian dance of the birch tree.

the Lindy Hop swing dance..

Gabriela  and I caught Sebastian's Lindy Hop sailor hat.

The incredible  Spanish  troupe!

Another dance group from Eastern Europe

All the dancers (more than I captured here) came back on and joined the Spanish dancers swaying gently before Rinpoche to the sound of waves breaking on a shore.

Rinpoche watched enthralled and intrigued. He thanked everyone for coming so far and working so hard to make such a great festival.

Then it was time to adjourn to the Yellow House for anniversary supper and party!

 Gabriela, Livio and Franco set the beat..

Rita Rae shows her stuff..

Harvey Kaiser blows that horn..

 And  doo-wahs still rule ok!

 Bloggers Note:
I was unable to photograph the three concerts on camera but you can see some You Tube clips on the channel of tranzidanz:
as well as fantastic photos by Paulo Fassoli on the Trentennale Merigar Facebook page.
A DVD is being produced of the whole event.

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