Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Big Night

The big night arrived, ours was the third concert of the festival and while I didn't get any photos I have borrowed these wonderful shots by Paolo Fassoli of just some of the performers in our concert.

                                                                   Adriano Clemente

Jasna Jovicevic

Harvey Kaiser and Rita Rae

 Mark Eagleton

Livio Brasi 

 Alex Pollack, Nelida Saporiti, Alex and Valery Tolstov

The Merigar Singers : Christiana De Falco, Naomi Zeitz, Kathy O'Connor, Gabriela Arnon, Alma Rechou, Anna Bartenstein, Laurie Marder, Nelida Saporiti, Rafael, Rita Kaiser, Jan Cornall, Jose Andres with Harvey Kaiser conducting.

Mother and daughter Gabriela and Alma 


Yours truly -  Jan Cornall

 Jan Blumenroth (Berlin) with his punk song - Happy Birthday Merigar

Jaka and his Fire band play on into the morning

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